Thom Huxtable

Thom Huxtable is a Senior Interaction Designer and Project Lead from Glastonbury, England. He Graduated in both graphic design at the University of Leeds (UK) and Interactive Art Direction at Hyper Island, Stockholm (SE). Thom has worked as a designer in those fields since 2006. After working for a number of agencies in London and Frog Design, Amsterdam he now works as an Interaction Designer at IDEO in New York City.

Thom has worked on a plethora of varied projects from startups such as Golf Arrcos which is now an affiliated product in the apple store and Pingmd which received nominations for a Webby and UXD awards to large systems that underpin the U.S. Government and digital experiences for some of the worlds most awesome brands and services.

Thom is driven by designing products that have an innate value and richness to their offering - making users lives better. At IDEO Thom is exposed to a full 360 design process where he is involved from concept to completion. He is expected to meticulously gather insights through design research, synthesize and ideate how these needs should be met, design and define the product or service and build things that are market ready. 

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